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At Edelweiss Bakery, The saying 'the quality goes in before the name goes on’ is taken quite literally. The ‘E’ on many of their loaves bears testimony to the pride Mark’s team takes in every one of their baked goods.

From the different styles of bread baked to tantalize your palette with everything from sourdough to cranberry with walnuts, the Edelweiss creations are carefully crafted and presented to create a wonderful dining experience.

The service comes with a smile and a warm ‘hello’ that makes the fresh breads taste even better. A hot cup of coffee or tea and a breakfast pastry are the perfect treat to start off your busy day.

The variety of pastries available will make anyone feel like a child again, just trying to decide which one of the wonderful scents to sample first, which one might have a hidden surprise inside, and which one they can take home to enjoy later in the day...