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  What goes into our products?  Only the highest quality ingredients, skill developed during Mark's journey including schooling at Le Cordon Bleu, apprenticing and working there under the guidance and teaching of two world class chefs.

The name “Edelweiss Bakery” was chosen because it is symbolic for the time that Mark and Julie spent in Germany and Switzerland. Like the rare edelweiss flower found at high altitudes in the alps, the bakery would be something unusual and treasured by the community and people of Prior Lake.

"We really wanted to open a bakery in Prior Lake after living in Europe, mainly Germany, for 15 years. It seemed that in every city there was a bakery where you could buy your fresh breads, pastries and cakes. It’s like the focal point of the town. We wanted to be able to give that to Prior Lake. So that the local community would feel as though they had a place to call their own." - Mark Bowles